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Many type Alu-Zinc steel round plates

(1)WENRUN Seam Plates are made of aluminum Plus Zinc coated steel. The round design provides an ultimate even spreading of loads and eliminates sharp corners that can damage the insulation or membrane.

(2)Seam plates are used for lap seam fastensing.

(3)Insulation plates are for fastening insulation. These plates are designed to be used with WENRUN Fasteners in TPO/PCV roofing system with ply-lso Insulation.





Seam plates/Insulation plates


2.4inch/ 3inch




Alu-zine Steel

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1.One-stop effective and economical waterproofing solutions. We are a professional waterproof system designer and supplier.
2.What you see is what you get. We are always honest and transparent about our product and service.
3.Recognised waterproofing specialists with ISO and CE listed.
4.We can provide all the detailing, data sheets, technical documentation, site supervision, quality control and finally guarantees.
5.Experienced and reliable.
6.Our experienced team of specialists ensure that every aspect of the products will be quality assured.

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