Pvc Tpo Roof Accessories

  • PVC TPO Waterproofing Accessories Scuppers Drainage Walkway Pad

    PVC TPO Waterproofing Accessories Scuppers Drainage Walkway Pad

    Roofing System is more than just a flat surface covered by membrane. Applicators find themselves need to work around corners, pipes, and other penetrations. That’s where WENRUN’s prefabricated accessories, sealing accessories and fasteners accessories come into play – to make the roofing installation process as seamless as possible.

  • Roof Fastener

    Roof Fastener

    Heavy shank easy to install roof fastener screw WENRUN Roofing Screw is a specialized, high performance fastener, designed to be used with Roofing Insulation and Membrane Plate to secure ridged insulation EPDM,TPO, PVC, to steel or wood solid concret structural decks. Fasteners ranging in length from1-5/8” to 8″ are available to meet a variety of commercial roofing applications. Features & Benefits 1.Heavier shank and thread diameters than most standard roofing fasteners. 2.Buttress...
  • Roof Plate

    Roof Plate

    Many type Alu-Zinc steel round plates (1)WENRUN Seam Plates are made of aluminum Plus Zinc coated steel. The round design provides an ultimate even spreading of loads and eliminates sharp corners that can damage the insulation or membrane. (2)Seam plates are used for lap seam fastensing. (3)Insulation plates are for fastening insulation. These plates are designed to be used with WENRUN Fasteners in TPO/PCV roofing system with ply-lso Insulation.   Name WENRUN ROOF PLATE Tape ...