High Quality EPDM Rubber Membrane

After many years of research and development, WENRUN has formed a complete EPDM waterproofing system for roof and pond, which can make full use of its main material – EPDM Rubber Membrane, which has the characteristics of high tensile strength, high elongation, high and low temperature resistance, ageing resistance and a wide range of accessories. At the same time, the complete waterproof node structure can form a solid waterproof barrier.
-Excellent high and low temperature flexibility.
-Excellent puncture and abrasion resistance.
-Good chemical resistance.
-Superb ageing resistance.
-Green. Due to the high efficiency of the polymer, the coil performance is stable and non-volatile, and can be recycled.

If you are interested in our products, please tell me the specific size and quantity, I will send you samples and quote you our best price. We are confident that a trial order would convince you that the goods we are offering are of superior quality and excellent value for money.
For more information, visit https://www.wenrunwaterproof.com/.

Post time: May-17-2023